Pet Portraits

We love drawing our quirky animals and love to draw your pet too. We can either paint your pet in his or hers natural beauty or add a whacky outfit on them. We have had tons of fun painting the clothes on the animals from ditsy print dresses to punk leather jackets. Each painting will be 100% original piece of artwork and both Abi and Roz will work on it. How fab is that? Two artists on one piece of work. 

We work from a photo of your pet, preferably taken face on and in natural light, we don't trace the picture, we work from it, we like to have a few snaps so we can capture your pet's personality.

Each commission is different but here is a guide. We usually work on A3 scale, the Tipperleyhill look is to have the animal in the bottom half of the page.

All black and white Starts from £150. Black and white animal with coloured clothes start from £250. Full colour portraits start from £400 We don't often say no, so show us your pet, from mouse to tiger!

Email us tipperleyhill@gmail